Meet Sander

Like most of us, I’ve played many roles in my life: son, friend, husband, father, football and handball player, sports coach, corporate leadership coach, human resource manager, teacher, international consultant and recently: artist. Life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of expressions!

Although multi-faceted in expression, I’m essentially a people’s person and a humanitarian; for many years I was active within The Hunger Project (, an international organisation to end chronic hunger and poverty.  I’m passionate about the environment and the evolution of human consciousness. Yet, I don’t take myself or life too seriously, my motto being Celebrate Life.  So it’s little wonder that I wander off the beaten track into different inner and outer landscapes. Becoming an artist myself though, came much later in life.

Born and bred in The Netherlands, my professional career started in the field of Human Resource management. Later I started my own consultancy business facilitating cultural change and leadership development.

As my work slowly became more international there was ample opportunity to wander into the world’s leading galleries and soak up inspiration.  From a young age, I’ve had a keen interest in art, visiting art museums and galleries, but life didn’t leave much time for artistic exploration myself.

My consultancy practice eventually brought me to South Africa where in 2014 I met my wife Heather and threw my return ticket to Amsterdam to the wind, making South Africa my home. That opened up the space to explore my creative voice, so once settled in Cape Town, I took up art classes again. In 2018 we moved to vibey Arts Town Riebeek Valley  where my art really took off and where I had my first solo exhibition. Since 2022 we live in Scarborough, at the edge of Cape Point Reserve and close to the beach where I start my day with my morning dip in the -sometimes icy- ocean.

“I looked at the painting for a while and then walked away, but the work called me back. I love the mood it evokes in me every time I look at it” – Charmaine & Andrew Haith