About My Art

I am primarily a self-taught artist. Although over the years I did various courses in painting, drawing, etching and sculpting, it’s only since my move to South Africa in 2014, that I’ve devoted my time and energy to fully explore my creative voice as an artist.

I paint in oils, occasionally acrylics and mixed media, adding in ground earthenware, charcoal or oil pastel marks as part of an ongoing exploration. I work from imagination, from my natural surroundings as well as my inner landscape and sometimes inspired by photos. I often start with nothing more than a rough outline, an idea and while blending my colours, putting my brush to canvas, responding to that subtle nudge and staying open to what emerges.

Even though I might start with an existing vista, in my art I’m moving to cross the boundaries of representation to explore abstracted impressions of mainly natural subject matter. I’m intrigued by that edge where one leaves the observable world and touches on other dimensions of perception and being. Through the use of light, form, colour and atmosphere, I aim to create a sense of mystery, alluring the viewer into stories of imagined or forgotten experiences and preferably a fleeting awareness of our interconnectedness.

To me, painting is an alchemical, transformational and often messy process, where brushes, paints, solvents, odours, my intentions and the free will of the emerging painting all conspire to surprise on the canvas. In his book What Painting Is , James Elkins says: “Painting is something that is worked out in the making, and the work and its maker exchange ideas and change one another”. Painting is my way of meditating, where time and space fall away, allowing creativity to emerge.

For how it looks like in practice, see the video above (by Benjamin Cullinan) or click: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/z4i9r_elo8o

I have been selling my art since 2019, my paintings found homes in South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

Please contact me directly if you’re interested in my work, in a studio visit and/or in (purchasing) any of my paintings. You can also check the Exhibition page for upcoming shows. Thank you for your interest!