About My Art

Since moving to South Africa and more recently to the Riebeek Valley, I’ve devoted my time and energy to exploring my creative voice and becoming an artist. Although largely self-taught, I’ve done many courses over the years in oil painting, abstract painting, acrylic and water colour painting, drawing, etching and sculpting.  My current medium is oil painting, sometimes mixed media. It’s been a profound transformation process, in which spaces of being have become far more important in my workday.

Most days are spent hanging out between my garden studio and eco-pool, letting the inspiration arise, being open to that invisible tap on the shoulder, the subtle nudge to put brush to canvas. Drawing inspiration from the inner landscape as much as the natural world, the process is much like a meandering meditation.

In the paintings process there’s always a tension between intent, the deep current of joyful creativity and the free-will of a painting, an alchemy that often allows for unexpected outcomes!

My artwork arises from the intersection point between the observable world and inner dimensions of perception and being. On the surface, the subject matter is landscape. The use of light and soft, subtle colour and a fresh, slightly abstract perspective amplifies the felt experience and sparks the imagination, drawing the viewer deeper into an emotional experience and perhaps even a sense of mystery. Rather watch? https://youtu.be/z4i9r_elo8o

I have been selling my art since 2019, nationally and recently also internationally. A selection of my art is currently available at Gallery 7 in Riebeek Kasteel, where I recently had a solo exhibition (see page Exhibitions). You can also contact me directly if you’re interested in (purchasing) any of my paintings. Thanks you for your interest!